China best 198279A1/1319232C1 Hub For Case-IH Combine Grain Handling with Hot selling

198279A1/1319232C1 Hub For Case-IH Combine Grain Handling

▍198279A1/1319232C1 Hub Fits Equipment Models

This is a new 198279A1/1319232C1 Hub Assembly for Case IH combines.

Replacement Elevator Drive Jackshaft Clutch Hub that Fits Case-IH Combine Models: 1440 (SN 40001->), 1460 (SN 42001->), 1470, 1480 (SN 40001->), 1482 (SN 20001->), 1640, 1644, 1660, 1666, 1670, 1680, 1682, 1688, 2144, 2166, 2188, 2344, 2366, 2377, 2388

Description  Drawing/Dimension

198279A1/1319232C1 Hub For Case-IH Combine Grain Handling

▍How to tell a good wheel hub?

In order to get an idea of how to tell a good wheel hub from a bad one, it’s easier to take a look at some of the signs and symptoms that often indicate that a hub needs repair or replacement. This is large because good wheel hubs aren’t necessarily something we take notice of, but a bad wheel hub is fairly easy to get a read on if you know what to look and listen for.

▍How do you know when a wheel hub might be on the fritz?

  • An obvious grinding sound: A grinding or rubbing noise typically indicates 1 of 2 things when it comes to the wheel hub assembly. One, it could signify that the wheel bearing is worn out and warrants replacement. Or two, it could indicate that the entire assembly needs to be replaced, especially if the noise is noticeable when the vehicle is in the drive.
  • Your ABS light comes on: Wheel hub assemblies are often connected to the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system. Oftentimes, the ABS indicator will light up on the vehicle’s dashboard when the diagnostic system detects an issue with the way the wheel assembly is operating.
  • A humming sound coming from the wheels: Though a grinding or rubbing noise is the most obvious sign of wheel hub issues, a humming sound coming from the wheels can also indicate that there’s an issue.

▍Parts by equipment type

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